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Welcome to BTG Tutoring & Education Services LLC! 

Summer sign ups for tutoring are now open! 
For the summer, the only subscription options available are weekly subscriptions and package deals, no monthly subscriptions. Go to 'Book Online' to begin sign up!



After spending years in the classroom watching so many students struggle with reading and comprehension gaps, and parent/school frustrations I am using my passion and expertise to bridge the learning gap. By starting an education business, I am focused on literacy tutoring, education consulting, and coaching. In regard to tutoring, our goal is to give reading/phonics lessons to those who still can not read/not proficient in reading. (yes even those in 3-6th grade who read on a K or 1st level this is for you as well!). It is essential for a child's development, success, and confidence to meet them where they are academically, and that is what I am here for! My genuine love for education and helping students succeed has lead me to step away from the classroom and start this business. With this program, students can finally receive instruction in reading on their level so they can become better readers and thrive. Our goal at BTG is to not only help students become proficient readers, but to help assist parents into understanding how to keep up with their child's learning and how to properly help them.  

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